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Cold Small Plates

Bluefin Style Sundae
Your choice of Scottish salmon, bluefin tuna, tempura shrimp, or tempura crawfish with avocado, topped with spicy mayo, masago, scallions, and chips

Hamachi Chili 🌶️
Thinly sliced Japanese Hamachi sashimi with Thai chiles, ponzu, truffle oil, garlic brunoise, and tobiko dust

Bluefin Style Ceviche 🌶️
Scottish Salmon or bluefin tuna or yellowtail mixed with red onion, green onion, serrano, daikon radish, sea salt, and tamarind sauce (gluten free).

Sashimi Salad 
Bluefin tuna, Scottish salmon, escolar, yellowtail and Kanikama served over spring mix and house special dressing.

Bluefin Toro Sashimi Sampler 
Slices of bluefin fatty tuna, served with house-brewed soy sauce, and fresh wasabi.

Bluefin Tuna Taster 
Sashimi or nigiri style of 2 pieces of Kama-toro (premium bluefin tuna), 2 pieces chu toro, 2 pieces of akami.

Sushi or Sashimi (2 pcs)



Egg Omelets tamango 

King Mushroom 

Shrimp (ebi) 

Crab (kanikama)   

Surf Clam (hokkigai)   

Squid (ika)  

Mackerel (saba)   

Smelt Roe (masago)   

Flying Fish Roe (tobiko)   

Octopus (tako)   

Walu (ono)   

Albacore (bincho)   

Halibut (hirame)   

Seabass (suzuki)    

Japanese Snapper (madai)   

Spicy Scallop (hotate)   

Scottish Salmon (sake)   

Fatty Salmon   

Seared Salmon Belly   

Smoked Salmon   

Salmon Roe (ikura)   

Smoked Eel (unagi)   

Bluefin Tuna (Hon maguro)   

Yellowtail (hamachi)   

Fatty Yellowtail   

Snow Crab (zuwaigani)   

Sweet Shrimp (amaebi)   

Seared Scallop   

Sea Urchin (uni)   

Fatty Tuna (toro)   

Kama Toro (most fatty)   


Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and sesame seeds.

Crab mix or blue crab, cucumber, avocado, and sesame seeds

Vegetable tempura (asparagus, sweet potatoes, taro) with sweet soy

Spicy Classic🌶️
Your Choice of spicy tuna, salmon, scallops or crab mix with cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds

Unagi Roll  
Smoked eel, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds and sweet soy

Blue Crab Crunch  
Blue Crab, cucumber, avocado, mayo, and crunchy flakes

Shrimp Tempura Roll  
Shrimp tempura, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, masago, and daikon sprout with sweet soy

Bluefin fatty Tuna, yellowtail, and scallions

Soft shell crab tempura, crab mix, masago, avocado, cucumber, gobo, daikon sprout, and sweet soy

Sushi Combination

Omakase Vegetarian  
Avacado (1), asparagus (1), cucumber (1), tofu (1), king mushroom (1), wakame (1) and futomaki roll (1)

Assorted variety of sashimi (12 pieces) served over sushi rice

Omakase Nigri Regular  
Tuna (1), salmon (1), albacore (1), escolar (1), white fish (1), shrimp (1) and California roll 

Omakase Sashimi Dinner  
(3 pieces each) tuna, salmon, yellowtail, albacore, escolar, red snapper, white fish

Omakase Nigri Deluxe  
Tuna (1), Salmon (2), albacore (2), escolar (1), white fish (1), shrimp (1), and spicy tuna roll

Love Sushi Sashimi Combo  
Chefs Choice of sashimi (9 pieces), sushi (10 pieces), and rainbow roll

Dream Sushi Sashimi Combo  
Chefs Choice of sashimi (12 pieces), sushi (12 pieces), rainbow roll, and hottie roll

Chef Special

Dragon Roll  
California roll topped with smoked eel, avocado, and sweet soy

California roll or with blue crab topped with bluefin tuna, Scottish salmon, walu, yellowtail, and avocado

Bluefin Lakeway🌶️
Spicy tuna, crab mix, cream cheese, jalapeno and cucumber, topped with salmon, avocado and mayo (torched), habanero masago, scallions, garlic, and sweet soy

Bluefin Special Roll 🌶️
Yellowtail, avocado and jalapeno, topped with bluefin tuna, escolar, Serrano, habanero masago, spicy ponzu and chef sauce

Brodie Roll 
Shrimp tempura and spicy tuna topped, with Scottish salmon, avocado, crunchy flakes, and spicy mayo

Bluefin Sunset Valley  
California roll topped with baked crawfish, white mushroom, onions, scallions, masago, crunchy flakes, and sweet soy

Bluefin Naruto (riceless)  
Spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crab mix, avocado, mango, masago and spring mix, wrapped with cucumber topped chef sauce

Flaming V.I.P (served on fire)🌶️
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and asparagus topped with ebi shrimp, layered avocado, mayo, sriracha, furikake, and sweet soy

TX Wagyu Roll  
Shrimp tempura, crab mix and avocado topped with seared Texas Wagyu with kewpie, red tobiko, scallions, spicy mayo, and sweet soy

620 Roll (served on fire)  
Spicy salmon, asparagus tempura and avocado topped with bluefin tuna, avocado and mayo (torched), cilantro, garlic, masago, hot oil, sweet soy and chef sauce

Mr. Orange Roll  
Spicy salmon, and avocado (tempura fried), topped with Scottish salmon poke, scallions, masago, chili thread, wasabi soy, and chech sauce

Hot Small Plates

Miso Shiru  
Traditional Japanese soup with seaweed, silken tofu, and scallions 

Classic style steamed soybeans with kosher salt 

Bella Spring Roll    
Japanese style vegetable egg roll served with sweet and sour sauce 

Vegetable Tempura  
5 pieces of mixed vegetable tempura with a side of tempura sauce 

Spicy Shishito 🌶️
Delicately sauteed fresh shishito pepperswith sea salt, crushed peppers, and fresh garlic

Tempura Shishito  
Tempura fried fresh shishito peppers served with remoulade sauce

Octopus balls made of tempura bits, green onion, bonito flakes with Okonomi sauce 

Sakura Shumai  
Steamed open face shrimp dumplings 

Bluefin style Wings 🌶️
4 pieces of chicken wings your choice tossed with homemade spicy teriyaki or garlic parmesan

Crispy Karagge  
6 pieces of chicken wings your choice tossed with homemade cajun or original style

Pork Kushi  
Grilled pork jowl (toro part) on skewer with special sauce 

Chicken Kushi  
Grilled chicken on skewer with special sauce  

Krab Puffs  
Japanese crab stick, cream cheese, and scallions wrapped, served with remoulade sauce 

Crispy Calamari  
Tempura friend squid served with remoulade sauce 

Avocado Bomb  
Tempura friend hass avocado stuffed with snow crab topped with scallions, masago, spicy mayo, and sweet soy 

Mussel Dynamite 🌶️
Baked mussel topped with creamy spicy sauce, smelt fish caviar, scallions, and sweet soy 

Fritto Misto  
2 Pieces of crispy shrimp tempuras and 4 pieces of mixed vegetable tempura with side tempura sauce 

Salmon Mango 🌶️
Japenese seaweed tempura topped with spicy tuna, salmon mango salso, onions, masago, spicy mayo, and sweet soy

Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice 🌶️
Crunchy Japanese rice, topped with spicy tuna, avocado, strawberry, masago, spicy mayonnaise, and sweet soy

Hamachi Kama  
Traditional yellowtail collar grilled with garlic, sea salt and homemade spicy ponzu sauce

TX Wagyu Hot Rock  
Texas wagyu beef with ponzu and sesame dressing


Back 2 Classic  (available pork free)
Light Chicken broth, pork chasu, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, menma, and nori

Spicy Chicken 🌶️
Creamy chicken broth, grilled chicken, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, menma, and nori

Rich pork broth, soy bean paste, pork chasu, ajitama, butter corn kernel, scallions, menma, and nori

Tan-Tan 🌶️
Spicy sesame dashi broth, topped with ground pork, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, black garlic oil, menma and nori

Tonkotsu Black  (thin noodle)
Original tonkotsu with creamy rich pork broth, pork chasu, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, black garlic oil, menma and nori.

Miso-hot  (thin noodle)
Rich pork broth, soybean paste, ground pork, ajitama, butter corn kernel, kikurage, scallions, hot oil, menma, and nori.

Tokotsu Red 🌶️ (thin noodle)
Spicy tonkotsu with creamy rich pork broth, pork chasu, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, hot oil, menma and nori

Gluten Free Vegan 
Creamy vegetable broth, kikurage, spring mix, sweet cork kernel, scallions, menma, and nori.

Curry Moz 
Creamy curry chicken broth, ground pork, ajitama, menma, kikugarge, mozarella

Killer Lamb 🌶️
Spicy creamy pork broth, soybean paste, lamb shank, ajitama, butter corn kernel, kikurage, scallions, menma, and nori

Killer Beef Rib 🌶️
Spicy Creamy pork broth, beef, rib, ajitama, kikurage, scallions, asparagus, menma, and nori


Ice Cream 
Single scoop of your choice of red bean, green tea, vanilla or chocolate ice cream

Mochi Ice Cream 
Flavorful creamy ice cream of your choice of strawberry, mango, or matcha green tea flavors wrapped in a sweetened soft rice confection

Cheese Cake Tempura 
Original style cheesecake tempura served with whipped cream, fresh berries, and chocolate syrup

Banana Tempura 
Lightly battered banana, served with berries, and single scoop of vanilla, green tea or red bean ice cream.


Fountain Drink  

Blufin Style Soda  
Club soda, and coconut milk with choice of vanilla alted caramel or hazelnut syrup.

Organic Chia Juices  
Organic chia seeds, choice of orange, passion fruit, mango, lime and cucumber.

Topo Chico  

Japanese Ocha  
Hot Green Tea

Bubble Teas

MANGO 5.00


PEACH 5.00